BlogCan you look good on a Budget

Can you look good on a Budget

Can you look good on a Budget

Most of us must dress in a specific way for our jobs (safety wear, uniforms, business suits) and as a result, this means that most of us are also managing a double wardrobe – one for work, and the other for our beloved weekends and time off. 

When your line of work dictates your everyday dress, maintaining this dual persona can be a costly venture – especially when you consider how often you are in your work clothes and all that typical work wear endures over time.  Constantly replacing your work wear means that you are spending money on clothes when you could be spending that same budget on something you love instead (A holiday? A night out with your friends? A gift for that special someone?). No matter what industry you are in, work wear on a budget (or “Budget Wear” if you like) will keep you looking great without breaking the bank.


In the corporate world, both men and women are expected to present themselves in the most professional way.  Looking your best in the office shows clients, co-workers and upper management that you are successful, confident and fully capable. 

For some, looking professional means shopping at the best high-end boutiques and specialty shops – but that can be very pricey, not to mention completely unnecessary. Spending a little extra on key pieces like a tailored jacket, fashionable shoes and a great work bag lets you save money on your essential pieces like shirts, blouses and double-duty bottoms (think well-fitted trousers or flattering skirts).  The key is to be sure that all of your work wear essentials are cut to you fit you best. You will look polished and professional – and still have money to spare! 


You work hard and are on your feet all day.  Putting yourself at the mercy of the elements (rain, wind, extreme heat and even snow) means that your work wear takes a true beating every day.  If you are an outdoor professional, you are required to wear safety gear that you just can’t skimp on (hazard suits, reflective gear or Eye & Face protection) but you do have some choices.

Purchasing well-priced layering pieces that are breathable and comfortable will take your work wear budget to new lengths.  Clothes4Work has some great budget-conscious options for your layering needs - our long johns, perfect tees and cozy fleeces at affordable prices will keep you comfortable and ready to face everything Mother Nature throws your way. 


Healthcare professionals keep their focus is on providing patients with the best level of care and worrying about clothes (and spending money on clothes) is the last thing on a practitioner’s mind.  Working long hours means that professionals in this field do not have the time to focus on ways to save money  - but that’s why we’re here!

While healthcare professionals are accustomed to wearing the standard medical “scrubs”, it’s important to know that there are some low cost pieces out there that will help to keep you comfortable while on the job.  Cozy and durable sweatshirts, paired with Dickies’ colourful range of medical tunics and trousers are the perfect solution for a busy medical professional – allowing you to focus on the important things.


We all have our day jobs and over-spending on work wear isn’t our top choice for how to use our hard-earned money.   The tips above highlight some great ways for working professionals in all industries to cut the budget without cutting corners. By shopping smart, you can be sure to look great, stay comfortable and focus on the important elements of your day job without being concerned about you bank-balance.

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